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JGNS Greatest Hits: A Year in Song with Cantor Ken

Here is the packet with all the lyrics! And here is a printable songlist.


  1. There's a Dinosaur 
  2. I Love Shabbat Kodesh 
  3. Ma Yafeh Hayom (what a nice day!)
  4. Chicken Soup Song 
  5. Bim Bam 
  6. Shabbat Shalom U-me-vo-rach 
  7. Let there be Shabbos 
  8. L'cha Dodi—the Sabbath Bride

Other Holidays 

  1. Rosh Hashana: I'm A Rosh Hashana Apple 
  2. Sukkot: Shake your Lulav 
  3. Simchat Torah: Torah, Torah 
  4. Chanukah: Candle Blessings 
  5. Lots of Latkes 
  6. I Have 8 Little Candles 
  7. Ocho Candelikas (in Ladino)
  8. Purim: Purim Day 
  9. Nosh Nosh a Hamentash 
  10. When the month of Adar comes 

Passover ( w/ Rabbi Shira) 

  1. Kadesh Urchatz—Order of the Seder
  2. Shehecheyanu Blessing
  3. Shehecheyanu (another version)
  4. Ma Nishtana— the 4 Questions
  5. Bang Your Hammer 
  6. Oh Listen, King Pharaoh 
  7. The Frogs Song 
  8. Dayenu 
  9. Who Knows One?
  10. Chad Gadya (one little Goat)

Other Favorites 

  1. Alphabet/ Alef Bet Vet 
  2. Modeh Ani- Thank you God for a new day!
  3. David Melech Yisrael 
  4. Hinei Ma Tov—how nice it is to be here together!
  5. Az Der Rebbe Zingt (when the rabbi sings)
  6. The Unicorn Song 
  7. Who Built the Ark?
  8. Twinkle, Twinkle 

Shabbbat at Home 

  1. Shalom Aleichem (welcoming the Shabbat angels)
  2. Candle-lighting 
  3. More candle-lighting 
  4. short blessing over wine/juice 
  5. longer blessing  
  6. Blessing over bread—Hamotzi
  7. Brich Rachamana (short blessing after meals)

Havdala Service

  1. Eliyahu Hanavi (Elijah)
  2. Havdala Blessings 
  3. A good week-- Shavua Tov!

More Saturday Night Songs 

  1. Everybody Loves Saturday Night 
  2. Shalom Shabbat, time to say Goodbye Now
  3. Neir Havdala—Havdala candle
  4. A Gute Vokh—A good week
  5. Mayim (Water)


  1. Shalom Chaverim (goodbye my friends)


Cantor Ken

Here are some songs that didn't make the first Greatest Hits CD: 

Shabbat Menucha

When I say Lecha Dodi

I am a Big Old Tree