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Passover Songs

Passover recordings by Cantor Ken Richmond & Rabbi Shira Shazeer (here's Rabbi Shira's Pesach blog)

Beginning of the Seder:


End of the Seder

More Songs

For Cantor Ken & Rabbi Shira's complete Passover Singalongclick here!


Some Passover Videos from Rabbi Liben & Cantor Ken:

No Seder Like Our Seder 


The Seder Plate Song 

Now We Are Free 

The Golden Calf 

I'm Dreaming of a White Pesach 

Kadesh Urchatz 

4 Questions in Yiddish 











Yom Hashoah: 

Here's a recording of Alta Frohman, Rabbi Shira Shazeer's grandmother, after she returned to Poland in 2000 for the first time since WWII. Here is Cantor Ken's speech from the same program. Both are on the Klezmaniacs CD "Sveet Like Herring Vit Potatoes"