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Rabbi Daniel Liben

Rabbi Daniel Liben was ordained by the Jewish Theological Seminary in 1983, and became the spiritual leader of Temple Israel in 1991. His warm, friendly and caring approach make all who enter the Temple feel at home. The Rabbi is committed to a vision of Temple Israel that supports the needs of Jewish families at every stage of life. In addition to counseling and guiding individuals and families as they face life cycle events, he brings energy and enthusiasm to his role as teacher in a wide range of settings. The Rabbi leads Family Education programs in the Nursery School, discusses the weekly Torah portion with our Religious School students, teaches adults from the bima or in Adult Education classes, and leads Israeli Folk Dancing on Thursday evenings. Rabbi Liben's leadership has brought focus to Temple Israel's mission to provide individuals and families with opportunities to learn and grow Jewishly in a nurturing and supportive community.  Click here to email Rabbi Liben.

In March, 2016, we celebrated Rabbi Liben's 25th year with us in Natick! You can view the Photo Book here.  (click on Full Screen to view it at Full size)

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