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Torah and Haftarah Trope and Blessings

     Trope and Blessings Packet

      Torah Trope: Notated Music , Haftarah Trope Music, Blessing After Haftarah Music

  1. Torah Trope Etnachta Family   Click here to see the Etnachta and Sof Pasuk Families
  2. Torah Trope Sof Pasuk Family 
  3. Torah Trope Katon Family     Click here to see the Katon family
  4. Torah Trope Kadma V'azla     Click here to see families 4-7
  5. Torah Trope  R'vi'i Family 
  6. Torah Trope Darga T'vir Mercha T'vir (rare trope: Mercha chefula here and here)
  7. Torah Trope Telisha/ Pazeir (rare trope: Shalshelet)
  8. Torah Trope Gershayim, Azla Geireish, Zakeif Gadol   Click here to see families 8-10  Optional Super-fancy Munach
  9. Torah Trope Zarka Segol 
  10. And now I am done with my Aliya 
  11. Torah Trope Song   Click here for words
  12. An Aliya:  the Torah Blessings (words: version 1 version 2 and version 3)
  13. Tallit &Tefillin Blessings 
  14. Blessing Before Haftarah Click here for words (Here is the Blessing Before Haftarah sung in a Lower Key)
  15. Blessing Before Haftarah for practice singing trope names 
  16. Blessing After Haftarah 1 Click here for words
  17. Blessing After Haftarah 2 
  18. Blessing After Haftarah 3 
  19. Blessing After Haftarah 4 
  20. Blessing After Haftarah 5 
  21. Blessing After Haftarah 6 
  22. Haftarah Trope Etnachta Family  Click here to see Etnachta and Sof Pasuk Families
  23. Haftarah Trope Sof Pasuk Family 
  24. Haftarah Trope Katon Family  Click here to see Katon family
  25. Haftarah Trope Kadma V'azla  Click here to see Kadma V'azla, R'vi'i, T'vir, & Telisha etc.
  26. Haftarah Trope R'vi'i Family 
  27. Haftarah Trope Darga T'vir Mercha T'vir  (rare trope: mercha kefula)
  28. Haftarah Trope Telisha/ Pazeir 
  29. Haftarah Trope Gershayim, Azla Geireish, Zakeif Gadol  Click here to see Gershayim etc., Zarka Segol, and End of Portion  Click here for "superfancy" munach for Haftarah
  30. Haftarah Trope Zarka Segol 
  31. And now I am done with my Haftarah 
  32. Haftarah Trope Song  Click here for words
  33. Shma 1: V'ahavta  Click here for words (here is the text without trope)
  34. Shma 1: V'ahavta (singing the trope names
  35. Shma 2: V'haya  Click here for words
  36. Shma 3: Tsitsit (Vayomer Adonai…)  Click here for words
  37. Blessing After Haftarah ending for Shavuot Click here for words (for Simchat Torah, click here for music and click here for words)
  38. Friday Night Kiddush: Vay'chulu 
  39. Friday Night Kiddush: Borei Pri Hagafen & M'kadesh Hashabbat Click for words
  40. Taking out Torah (Shma…Echad…Gadlu) Click for words
  41. Saturday Morning Kiddush: V'shamru Click for words
  42. Saturday Morning Kiddush: Al Kein 
  43. Ashrei  Click here for words

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Material for Shavuot for the 6th Grade

Shavuot Packet

Recordings: the Torah Blessings, the Blessing Before the Haftarah, Shavuot Haftarah Verses 1-5, Shavuot Haftarah Last verse, the blessing after the haftarah with Shavuot ending (16, 17, 18, 19 plus 37)