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Music for Synaplex @ TI

Enjoy these mp3s and YouTube videos!

  1. Zol Zayn Shabbes (let there be Shabbes)
  2. Kol Haneshama (psalm 150)
  3. V'nomar L'fanav
  4. David Melech Yisrael
  5. Am Yisrael Chai
  6. Lo Yisa Goy
  7. Oseh Shalom
  8. Hevenu Shalom Aleichem
  9. Hinei Ma Tov
  10. Hinei Ma Tov II
  11. Kol Ha'olam Kulo: sung by Tzahal (Israeli army) troupe
  12. Ki Va Moed (sung by Reb Shlomo Carlebach)
  13. Od Yavo Shalom Aleinu (sung by Rick Recht)
  14. Shabbes is Here (by Cantor Randy Herman)

Some Songs for Kabalat Siddur 2017:

V'ahavta (here are the words)

Lechi Lach (here are the words)

Yevarechecha (here are the words) This one is primarily for Parents

Forever Young (here are the words)

In the Classroom (here are the words)

The Four Questions (here are the words)


From the Morning Tefilot: This document has most of the tefilot in Hebrew letters and transliteration and this document has (I think) everything in transliteration

Modeh Ani

Ma Tovu

Birchot Hashachar

Psalm 150

Or Chadash 

V'haer Eineinu

Sh'ma (Baruch Shem K'vod)


Mi Chamocha

Oseh Shalom

National Anthems





Vayeishev Maftir ZR and v 18-19